Innovation & Development

Fruit Powder Development Project

Fruit powders can be used in many products as such bread, cake, biscuit, chocolate, ice-cream, sugar candy, baby food and etc.

Fruit juice concentrates are dried up to prolong their shelf life and thus to facilitate their packaging and transportation.

Spray drying is a process in which the liquid is given to drying chamber through hot air in the form of atomized particles. The fruit juice concentrate is dried up in the shape of fine particles in a very short time ranging between 5-15 seconds. This drying product accumulates by precipitating with its own weight. Very fine particles in the exhaust air are separated by use of cyclone-type precipitators.

In the studies conducted within the scope of this project, peach, apricot, apple and orange juice concentrates have been dried up with spray drying.

Studies on drying by use of Freeze Dryer ve Drum Dryer are being continued.