• Work health and safety come first; without exception.
  • Training and learning is the foundation of safety and is a priority.
  • Gives respect to his/her stakeholders by focusing on safety.
  • Defines high standards to create trust and maintains them.
  • Remains aware that competency, sincerity and credibility are the roots of trust.


  • Focuses on development by continuous change.
  • Takes initiative and his/her own responsibility.
  • Focuses on company growth thru value adding and profitability for its stakeholders.
  • Evaluates each change from social, economical, cultural and environmental perspectives.
  • Adapts promptly to changing rules and regulations.


  • Carries on The Company with its Values; remains aware of his/her impact to the world.
  • Recognizes each stakeholder’s impact to the whole
  • Integrates knowledge with love; acts with the consciousness of serving humanity in harmony with its environment.
  • Focuses on making visions visible to everyone.
  • Creates social sharing by contribution to art and culture.


  • Team is a common consciousness; sharing is the root and target is value creation.
  • Works for the success of each team member, focuses on sharing knowledge and understanding.
  • Focuses on the power of diversity Knows that celebrating success is sacred; shares success.
  • Focuses on his/her self development and commits to the personal and team development.


  • Every taken job is important; focuses on sustainable, high work quality.
  • Upon taking a decision, gets promptly in action.
  • Follows up his/her given promises; focuses on solutions.
  • Keeps communication and information channels open for improving performance by feedback.
  • Analyzes failures with a constructive approach and transforms them into opportunities.