Social Responsibility

As ASYA, we always act within the awareness of our responsibility to humanity. We focus on creating value for the World through our social and environmental sensibility in parallel to our financial performance.

In our journey of nearly half a century in food industry we worked with the belief that our primary resource is nature, therefore we aim to integrate sustainability into all our processes as an inseparable part.

With our belief in sustainability we organize strategy meetings in our production region Egirdir to create awareness on the importance of sustainable agriculture among farmers.  With the participation of local authorities, farmers, academicians and industrialists, we determine main existing problems against sustainability in the region.

Beginning from 2013, we execute a new social responsibility project to create solutions for overcoming barriers of sustainable agriculture and to raise the awareness of sustainability among local farmers.

Our main focus is to spread the quality approach among farmers and to create a sustainable agriculture environment.


Another project we have been executing is IMECE. The main purpose is familiarization of the local farmer with our production facilities and sharing with
them information for increasing overall quality of their, therefore our production.



We are sharing the happiness of going a step further in the way of a better corporate citizenship through giving support to the United Nations Global Compact which consists of 10 fundamental principles that are based on human rights, labor, anti-corruption and environment.

With our engagement to UN Global Compact we commit to continue our studies that we have carried out for 40 years with acceleration and to share periodically and with transparence the outcomes with our stakeholders.




Getting strength from the nature we always focus on efficient usage of natural resources with minimal environmental impact.

As a result of this approach, we decided to manage our greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our impact on climate change. As a pioneer in our sector we evaluated our carbon footprint in 2010 and following  this process we executed an internal green revolution project to reduce our emissions. Based on reference values determined in 2010, we succeed 15% reduction in our corporate footprint in 2011. We aim to reduce our  emissions 5% every year.